Clip: Casey Deluxe and your favourite toys

Casey Deluxe and your favourite toys

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Casey is alone at home in bed and is watching a few of her movies. She is wearing crotchless knickers and a skimpy bra. She starts to touch herself and rub her pussy. She realises that she is all wet in her panties. She starts to feel tired and falls into a falls into a deep dream. She is dreaming from where she left off, rubbing her body and caressing her pussy. Beside her are all kinds of pumps, nipple and pussy pumps. She picks up a nipple pump and pumps up one of there nipples. It fills the tube and makes her nipples tender and swollen. She plays with the pumps, swinging them about and getting herself even more horny. She pushes her hands down to her pussy and rubs and plays with her lips. She kneads here tits with her other hand. Thos nipple pumps look awesome as they bounce about. There are some slow motion sequences of her clapping my boobs together with the pumps still attached. She sits up in bed and starts to swing and bounce her tits with the clamps still attached. They fly and bounce about as she gets up a rhythm and motion. Again this is at normal speed and in slow motion too. At 11:30 MM:SS she rubs up her pussy ready for the pussy pump. She attaches the pump and makes a vacuum seal around her pussy. We have a ringside seat and get in close to see the pump sucking her pussy so it is large red and swollen. She unscrews the nipple clamps and shows how erect and swollen her nipples are. She add a rubber ring to keep them erect and they look like you could just place them in your mouth and suck on them. The pussy pump has been on a while now so she released the vacuum to reveal her massive pumps up pussy. She wobbles and shakes her swollen pussy you can see her juices dripping out of her pussy as she moves about. We cut in close to her having a pee from her pussy whilst it is still pumped up and red. Casey poses with her swollen pussy and you see wide and close up shots of her gorgeous swollen pussy. This is a fabulous video, there is the odd verbal interaction with the German photographer / videographer.
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