Clip: Sitting on a massive butt plug

Sitting on a massive butt plug

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I am dressed in black and wearing a leather collar. My makeup is hard and dominant looking. I pose for you and tease you. I start to undress and pull out my massive natural saggy tits. I play with them and bounce them. All the time you are watching me be photographed and videod during my photoshot. You see the photos being taken and get a camera viewpoint on many of my poses. Other times it is as if you are a fly on the wall watching my get naked and pose. Whilst I am sitting on the sofa there is a very large, well huge butt plug. It must be 18 inches tall. I lube my ass and sit on it, I bounce up and doen fucking my own ass with the toy. It feels great. The camera gets in close as you see my pink wet pussy in your face and my anus stretching around the toy as I move up and down on it. This was hot and made my ass sore, but it was worth it.
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