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Beach Driftwood

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Hi Sweetheart, do you have any questions about the driftwood? As in, How did it get there? Where did it come from? What keeps it achored? I'm not sure about the first two but I guesstimate around 3 tons holds it fast. It does make a great place to stow my geer and serves well as a fine spot to film! Venture forth with me on a small deserted Island. Hear the sounds of the sea and smell the salt air as the wind ruffles your hair. Feel the warm sand squeeze between your toes. Our destination, a boaters little paradise for hearty sea faring kayakers on a quest for new nude adventures of exploration on the isle of all huge natural boobs shaking wonders. See my soft, warm, hangers wrap around that hardwood like the wood of your throbbing stiff rod flowing through a warm summer breeze. I'll climb aboard that driftwood and spread my wings for you to see every inch of my plump curvy rump, trimmed pussy, and hanging hooters. Avast there ye hearty swabby. For from your kneeling tail view position. You'll catch an eye full of all my wondererous delights. Stay tuned because after the video has sailed away. More fun is just beginning, because a 123 photo musical slide show will be just arriving into port! Originally photographed in 20.4 megapixels. Formatted here to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. Actual video size is 5 minutes 7 seconds with a 10 minute 15 second photo slide show. Enjoy it honey, and let me know your ideas for films and matching photo sets. Plus, I'm always on the look out for volunteer guest models. See my, “About Me” section for more. Thank you for stoppin' in, Sarah #Driftwood #Sandy Beach #Huge Natural Knockers # Curvy #Plump Ass #Full Nudity #Outdoor #Sea Breeze #Summer Breeze #Hearty Swabby #Kayakers Quest #Softcore Porn #Plump Curvy Rump #Boob Shaking Wonders #Boaters Paradise #Deserted Island #Sea Sounds #Salt Air #Nude Adventures #Hanging Hooters #Wonderous Delights #Volunteer Guest Models #Custom Video Ideas
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