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Honey, I'm in the great outdoors at the famous beach driftwood studios! On a pleasant warm sunny day at pleasure island beach. To the sounds of the wind and sea surf splashing up against the shore. I'm wearing a skimpy blue string bikini top and a white string bikini bottom. I'll be showing you lots of my camel toe when my bottom's tied. My pussy is trimmed in what I call a boat launch style. Baby, that's so your stiff boat can slip right on down my wet ramp. My nails are manicured and painted a bright blue. This video's also meant to be a strong invite for you to be my volunteer guest model. After you fill out the model releases and provide your ID documentation. It's a go with you to set up a day and time for you to film with me. Sugar, please don't fret about it because there's also the unspoken option of filming anonymously in disguise. Filmed and kept in it's 6 separate parts. The questions I'm asked in part 5 are as follows. Beach Interview 5 of 6 - Sarah BEACH INTERVIEW, videos & photo making - Sarah This may be the most sensitive topic of all 'cause, you know, people will buy this video multiple times. Try your best to answer these questions truthfully. Do you feel like you constantly wanna smack the shit out of most of the men who volunteer to be your guest models or do you find you get along with most of them? Is there any of your fellow female huge natural boobs collegues you'd like to smack the shit out of? Is there any of your fellow female huge natural boobs collegues you think you'd like to work with on a video? Would you accept a female volunteer guest model who signed the model releases and provided her photo ID documentation? How far would the play go with her? 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, A home Run or a Grand Slam! Has what has gone down in the outdoor & indoor videos you've made. Ever led to you hoping it had gone better? For example with hygiene, condom use, passers by, cumming in his rubber before he can pull it off & shoot his load on yer boobs etc. Can you recall and tell us about a favorite volunteer guest model you made a film with? What would be the type of volunteer guest model who would be number one on your no fly list of men or women you wouldn't want to work with? How often do men go soft during scenes? And how hard do you have to work to get them rock solid again? How long were you modeling in adult videos before you felt comfortable in front of the camera? Where do you have the most fun making videos? For example Outdoors at the beach? Indoors on a bed? Inside a tent at a campsite? In the nearby woods? At a hotel? In a Pick Up truck bed? On a Hay Stack? Do you do anal? Do you do double penetration ( meaning oral and vaginal)? Do you like 69? BEACH INTERVIEW, GETTIN’ FUCKED UP - Sarah! Do you get fucked up during filming? Do you drink wine sometimes? Beach Interview, PERSONAL SEX LIFE - Sarah Cant’ stress the honesty point enough… You gotta man? Has fucking on camera made off camera sex better or worse for you? Favorite position? On a Scale of 1-10 how much do you like just laying in bed with your hubby or a guest model and making out with him until he busts his nut and cums? As for cumming, do you find you get off better from clitoral stimulation, getting fucked with a hard cock, vibrating dido, a mixture of all or you’re not someone who cums much or at all ? (Film stops here before she gets to answer and continues on part 6) Baby, would you like to see me in more sunny beach boob interview delights? Did you say blow-me-down! Well hump my 2 finger tight pussy! You're going to be treated to a 37 to 38 photo musical slide show of me in more undulating and oscillating udders glands delights per each of the 6 parts! 37 photos are in part 5. Originally taken in 5184x2920 but formated here to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. So the actual video length for Part 5 is 10 minutes 40 seconds with an additional 3 minutes 5 seconds of musical slide show! Y'all keep your film ideas comin' in! Baby, if it's somethin' I can get a hold of. I'll post it here for you to pick up as soon as I can! Plus, please remember sugar. I'm always lookin' for local volunteer guest models to appear with me in my videos and matching photo sets. To do that, I'd need you to sign the model releases and provide your signed photo ID documentation. I'm located between Biloxi, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. So, if you're a local. Hit me up for some safe fun. Or take the anonymous aproach in my Glory Hole videos or at the Campgrounds with me! Contact me here or through my Bdsmlr & Twitter Blogs https : // bdsmlr . com / blog / Sarah40M https : // twitter . com / SassySarah42J Call me directly using verified call. Video chat with me or cam to cam with me on My Free Cams and IM Live. https : // verified call . com / profiles / Sarah40M https : // profiles . my free cams . com / SassySarah50 https : // imlive . com / live -sex- chat / cam -girls / buxommelons / My Delivery Code Wish List. If you have a product you'd like me to wish for. Send me a link! https : // www . delivery code . com / wishlist / 26269 Thank you folks for kindly droppin' in! Sarah
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