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Beach Roger II

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Hi, y'all. This was a special request for a second, "Roger" film. The following is his outline I followed to make it happen: Like the first Roger video. In this new video. I'll write on my body, ROGER in Freestyle Script. 1. I start off in a pink & black zebra striped bikini and then I strip nude and of course I always wiggle. 2. While I'm nude. I show off some different poses. Illustrated with some photos he gave me which showed me how to pose for him and for y'all also to enjoy. A) Standing up with my legs spread. I bend forward and spread my pussy open by pulling my butt cheeks apart with my hands and jiggling my boobies. B) Same position as (a), but with my hands flat on the beach sand and jiggling my boobies C) From the side, I placed my left leg up up on the driftwood. Keeping my right leg down on the beach sand and spread my pussy pussy with my left hand. Then I switch up to my right leg and hand with my left leg on the beach sand. Yeah-LOL, good thing I had photo's to guide me! D) I lay on my back in the sand. At the waters edge and spread my legs with my bare feet pointed up to the sky. Moving my legs open and closed as I jiggle my overdeveloped natural boobs for your viewing pleasure. E) Standing up by the waters edge I suck my nipples. First my left. Then my right. Then I suck them both at the same time. Ha-Ha, gravity keeps each one jumping back into place. 3. Then with the camera looking straight up from the sand towards the blue sky. I play with my pussy. Finger fucking myself and banging myself with my pink G-Spot vibrator and climax. 4. By this time I'm feeling the urge to purge some pee out my water spout and you get it up close and personal. Oops I almost got you in the eye! Honey, stay on the beach with me a little longer, and you're going to get another treat. After our video ends. You'll see an additional matching 154 photo musical slide show. Originally taken in 20.4 megapixels or 5184x2920 frame size. Which has been formatted to fit this videos 1920x1080 size. So, the actual video length is 10 minutes 35 seconds with an additional 12 minutes 50 seconds of musical slide show photo's. Enjoy! Thanks to everyone for droppin' in! Sarah Additional Tags: Pink Zebra Bikini, Boobs Flashing, Bouncing Boobs, Beach Sand, Sunshine, Sea Wind, Flowing Surf, Overdeveloped Boobs, Trimmed Pussy, Ocean Motion, Barefoot, Beach Sunbathing, Public Outdoors, Nude Beach, Voyeur Beach, Penetration, Full Nudity, Curvy, Plump Rump, Voluptuous Mature, Pussy Pie, Saltwater Sea Scents, Pussy Finger Play, G-Spot Materbation, Special Request
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