Clip: Island Boobs Painting (360 VR)

Island Boobs Painting (360 VR)

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Ahoy Sailors, Can you guess what I'm wearing? Let me tell you Sweetheart. I'm wearing my bright orange string bikini and size 7 Montana West Wedge Heel Flip Flops. While sitting on a fallen tree on Deer Island Beach. I'll be a latex body painting my huge boobies and licking my nipples for you Sugar. As I paint 'em my tits will flop about for you a plenty honey. When I bend it over just for you. You'll be a gettin' a good view of my plump ass too. I sit down, spread my legs, and pull my pussy open to dip my fingers in for a good taste. In and out my love box with painted nails. Honey, I'm so horny I finger bang myself to completion! After my video ends get ready for my 75 photo musical slide show in 360 VR. Featuring a Caribbean Steel Drums soundtrack! The video is 4 minutes 9 seconds long and the photo slide show is 8 minutes 16 seconds long. My whole upload is in 360 Spherical 2D. No VR equipment needed. My video and photo set will play with the desired Fully Interactive 360 effect. Because, after editing my video in Filmora X. Metadata was re-injected with, "Spatial Media Metadata Injector." You'll feel like you're standing right in front of the action with the ability to look around the entire Sphere. Without the warped flat look of 2:1 ratio equirectangular. To play, search for and download your choice of FREE TO USE players listed below.  To view 360 VR, use your mouse to maneuver around on screen or your fingers on a touch screen. Enjoy, Sarah40M, Sarah Fox, Sassy Sarah, Sarah, Sarah Ann Insta360 Studio Player (with a closeup video perspective view and an image viewer with image advance):​ Movies & TV: Free app for Microsoft Windows VLC Media Player, Runs on all platforms - Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android: 5K Player: GOM Player (360 image viewer):
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