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Glory Hole Three

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Let me tell you about the mystery cock coming through the glory hole! Well, it was long and ebony with a touch of ivory towards it's head. It didn't pop out that long glory hole slot immediately. First his hand feels my tits and he fingers my pussy as I tug my own nipple. I get a condom ready for oral. His big black cock, with spots of white, pops out and I tug it bare. You'll hear other adult video arcade customers enjoying themselves outside our locked booth. I slipped on a King Size Pasante condom and got busy suckin' him. Then paused to get some photos. The camera gets up close as I give him a blow job. You never quite know what to expect having sex with a stranger. He makes a request I didn't want to fill. Things fizzled out from there. Filmed anonymously at a real adult video arcade toy store. All unstaged and unrehearsed as it happens. I'm freshsly showered. My pussy is neatly trimmed, and my manicured nails are blue. I'm wearing a blue button down shirt and cargo skirt. A yellow tube top, red g-string with a pearl crotch strap and light blue wedge heel flip flops. The gentlemen in this film was stiff and ready to play! Baby, would you like to see stills of me taken during the show too? Did you say, "yes I wood!" Well I enjoyed hearing that, because you're going to be treated to a 106 photo musical slide show, of me, in more glory hole adventures! Originally taken in 4032x2268 but formated here to fit the videos 1920x1080 frame size. So the actual video length is 4 minutes 39 seconds with an additional 8 minutes 50 seconds of musical slide show! Y'all keep your film ideas comin' in! Sweetheart, if it's somethin' I can get a hold of. I'll post it here for you to pick up as soon as I can! Plus, please remember sugar. I'm always lookin' for local volunteer guest models to appear with me in my videos and matching photo sets. To do that, I'd need you to sign the model releases and provide your signed photo ID documentation. I'm located between Biloxi, Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama. So, if you're a local. Hit me up for some safe fun. Or take the anonymous aproach at the Glory Hole! Contact me here or through my Bdsmlr & Twitter Blogs Call me directly using verified call. Video chat with me or cam to cam with me on Skyprivate Skype. My Delivery Code Wish List. If you have a product you'd like me to wish for. Send me a link! Thank y'all for poppin' in to play with me! Sarah
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